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  • Registration Fee

    A Non-Refundable Registration fee per child $250.00*

    The registration fee includes the annual FACTS Tuition Management set-up fee.

  • Comprehensive Fee

    Comprehensive Fee per child is $700.00* 

    The comprehensive fee covers, but is not limited to textbook rental, consumable workbooks, art materials, school wide consumable supplies, science lab fees, technology licensing fees & student accident insurance. The fees will be paid through your FACTS account.

  • Facilities and Security Fee per child

    Facilities and Security Fee per child $250.00*

    The facilities and security fee helps pay for the cost of annual maintenance to the building and facilities and the cost of a Sarasota County school deputy on premises during the school day.  The fees will be paid through your FACTS account.

  • 8th Grade Graduation Fee

    The 8th Grade Graduation fee is $200.00 and includes the Chrism Mass, Religious Retreats, DaySprings Field Trip and Graduation Materials.



  • Pre-Kindergarten Age 3 & 4 (Practicing Catholic Students)

    (Practicing Catholic Students) $10,500.00

  • P-3 Half Day (Practicing Catholic Students)

    (Practicing Catholic Students) $8,250.00

  • Kindergarten thru Eighth Grade (Practicing Catholic Students)

    (Practicing Catholic Students) $10,000.00

    Please make special note that the Catholic rate is for practicing Catholic students only. This means each family must: be registered at your Parish of Residence, have a Parish Verification Form signed by your pastor, attend Mass faithfully each weekend and on Holy Days of Obligation, and use your parish donation envelopes to show attendance at Mass.

  • Non-Catholic and Non-Practicing Catholic Student Rate

    All Grades $13,250.00

  • Actual Cost of Tuition 23-24

    The actual cost of educating your child at St. Martha Catholic School is more than the stated tuition above.  In lieu of the actual cost of tuition, families are required to participate in fundraisers and complete a yearly set of volunteering hours. Actual cost of tuition is  $15,700.00

    Tuition may be paid monthly, semi-annually, or annually using only FACTS. There will be a 5% discount offered to non-scholarship recipient families who pay tuition in one annual payment. The annual payment must be made in full by June 20, 2024 to receive the discounted rate. Only families who qualify for the Catholic rate will be eligible to receive tuition assistance and must be registered through the FACTS screening program. For early withdrawals, tuition must be paid from June 1st through the month of withdrawal. For students enrolling after the initial date, the tuition rate will be prorated; the amount may be different from the above figures.