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Mission Statement & Philosophy


In partnership with Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church, the mission of St. Martha Catholic School is to provide each student with diverse opportunities that develop strength in faith, and excellence in knowledge and learning. Students build character through their Christian service to the school, parish, and world communities.

St. Martha Catholic School is a Catholic Christian community that strives to integrate, in the lives of its members, the message of Jesus. Our philosophy is based on the belief that home and school are partners responsible for creating an environment for the child that nurtures his/her spiritual, physical, psychological, social, and intellectual growth to his/her fullest potential.

St. Martha Catholic School provides a curriculum which gives an opportunity for growth in the student’s relationship with Jesus while building competence in academic disciplines, basic skills, aesthetic appreciation, and physical development. St. Martha Catholic School seeks to enable our students to construct a realistic framework for living, accept their limitations, develop their capabilities, and develop a just and loving moral code and a mind that inquires and seeks the truth.

Our faculty is aware that the Catholic faith is not merely taught from books, but more realistically inspired by the teachers who strive to provide the children with a model for Catholic living in their relationships with one another and the children. Fully aware that we are educating citizens of the Kingdom of God, and of contemporary society, St. Martha Catholic School bases all policy decisions, whether they involve worship, curriculum, finances, discipline or extracurricular activities, on the merits of their potential for fostering child growth within the framework of a Catholic community that works for the common good of society.

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