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Characteristics and abilities of the St. Martha Catholic School student, upon Graduation 

Students of St. Martha Catholic School will exhibit their strength in faith through spiritual growth and development, and moral decision-making; their excellence in knowledge through their lifelong pursuit and scholarly approach to learning; and a commitment to peace and social justice, by responding to a call to servant leadership within the church and community.  At the time of Graduation, the student will have developed, demonstrated, established, and participated in:


Strength in Faith  

  • Knowledge of the teachings of the Catholic Church and Jesus
  • A well-formed conscience, capable of making moral choices
  • Knowledge of God’s love 
  • Well-rounded ideas of relationships and friendships
  • Empathy of others
  • Strong understanding of one’s own faith, so as to embrace those of other faiths
  • Deep, faith-based belief system, built through reflection of Jesus’ suffering and death
  • Understanding that Jesus speaks to them through the Gospel


Excellence in Knowledge  

  • Ability to work in small and large, collaborative groups
  • Ability to use critical thinking skills necessary for advanced education
  • Ability to use problem-solving skills for real world pursuits
  • Quality written work reflective of critical thinking and problem-solving
  • Organization skills including time management, prioritization, and plan implementation
  • Ability to use technology efficiently to enhance work ethic and success
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate information from various sources


Character in Service  

  • Projects benefiting those in need, locally, regionally, and globally
  • Understanding what justice is for all
  • Ability to lead others through collaborative group work
  • Responsibility to those who are in need in the community
  • Manners and a sense of courtesy and respect
  • Traits of a servant leader, much like Jesus
  • The positive influence shows that Jesus is at work through how they think and live