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Our core curriculum is guided by the Diocese of Venice and the Sunshine State Standards, however, we strive to exceed these standards. We measure our academic performance in a variety of ways including the TerraNova where our scores are compared to schools not just in Florida, but across the nation. St. Martha Catholic School students have consistently performed in the top 20% across the nation year after year.

St. Martha Catholic School utilizes a STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math) approach to education.

Students take core classes in Religion, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Special Classes include Technology, Art, Music, Spanish, Library, and Physical Education. Skill Level Grouping for Math and Language Arts takes place in 4th Grade through 8th Grade. 

Resource and Intervention Services are provided, and we have a Guidance Counselor on staff.

Students attend Chapel Mass weekly.  School-wide Masses are held monthly and on Holy Days of Obligation.  We are currently holding virtual masses to comply with social distancing measures.


Our preschool students are welcomed at carline every morning by our staff. They are guided to their classroom where the teachers will help them acclimate and get ready for the day. Young students unpack their supplies for the day and when safely mingle until the bell rings to initiate the school day.

Prek-girlsEvery day of the week follows an easy routing that weaves in different subjects and special areas. Preschool students learn Math? Religion? LA? And their day is enriched with activities such as Art, Spanish, STREAM and Library.

Our youngest students enjoy outside time twice a day for 20 min recesses. Lunch is served in their classroom. These can be brought from home or ordered daily prior to 8:00 AM, via FACT account.

Preschool Options: Full Day: 7:45 AM - 2:45 PM - Half Day: 7:45 AM - 12:00 PM / After School Option: 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Elementary School 

Our Elementary years run from Kindergarten to 4th grade. During this time we witness many milestones in our students. We are proud to partner with families in shaping children that are confident, fulfilled. (MISSION statement?) During our first few years of school, between Kindergarten and 2nd grade, our curriculum focuses on learning the fundamentals in Math, LA, Reading, and Science.

4th Graders - Class of 2022

Once children arrive in third and fourth grades, the focus becomes more complex. Our Reading curriculum encourages students to understand content rather than identifying letters and words. Children become thinkers, expressing themselves, and creating great work on their own. One important aspect during these years is children’s ability to pay attention and to develop responsibility skills for success both at school and at home. Our active Elementary School-age children enjoy two recesses a day.  

Middle School 

Our Middle School (6th to 8th grades) focuses on developing our students' faith, moral values and character in service. Our rigorous academic program is evidenced year after year with our performance on the TerraNova tests. Sports options are also offered during this stage of their education. Sport options offered are: Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball, Basketball and Golf.

Middle School Recess

All students will take the following core courses: Religion, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Our specials classes include: Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish, Library and Technology. All teachers are certified in their subject areas with all early childhood classes having a full or part time aide. For 5th-8th grade, students are grouped into leveled classes for Math and Language Arts. We offer an on level group, as well as an enriched level group. Students may be enriched in one or both classes.

We take pride in our technology offerings for our students across the school. Each student in Middle School is assigned a personal touch-screen chromebook for the year.

Outdoor recesses for this age-range is usually once a day for 20 minutes. Due to our social distancing and mask policy, our middle schoolers are allowed to have two recesses in a day.

In addition to our standard curriculum Middle School students choose from a wide variety of elective classes as well as having an opportunity to perform in our yearly School Musical.

Students must also complete a different number of service hours according to their grade level.

Core Courses 

Our Kindergarten - 4th-grade students will take the following core courses: Religion, Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Our specials classes include STREAM Art, Music, Physical Education, Spanish,  Library, and Technology. All teachers are certified in their subject areas with all early childhood classes having a full or part-time aide.


“They provide the very best in Catholic education to their students. As a product of Catholic education myself, I can highly recommend St. Martha Catholic School.”
– Parishioner
“Both my children attended St. Martha Catholic School - They had the best education and they are very high achievers now.”
– Former Parent